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        1. WMF series electronic jacquard machine: bring forth the new, meet the market demand
          Column:Company news Time:2014-07-04



          In recent years, although the market of the textile industry has encountered a bottleneck, the demand of the textile enterprises for technology has only increased. Among them, the requirements for speed and efficiency are gradually rising. Because of the appearance of the new high speed loom, the jacquard machine has to make corresponding changes to meet the needs of technology and market.

          At the China international textile machinery exhibition and ITMA Asia exhibition in June 2014, hangzhou WMF technology co., ltd. focused on launching the WMF series electronic jacquard machine (see the appendix for specific parameters). This jacquard machine is specially designed for high speed loom matching and high cost performance electronic jacquard machine. It USES self - made high performance solenoid valve, better reliability, longer life. Using the company's many patents, on the basis of many years of mature technology and improve the mechanical transmission system of electronic jacquard machine, improve the load capacity, reduce the noise, better reliability. At the same time, the front and rear needle 24 needle arrangement, more convenient maintenance. This machine can be used with all kinds of edge burners, trademark machines, rapier looms, for the production of trademarks, ties, towels, brocade, silk, decorative cloth, sand release, hotel supplies and other kinds of jacquard fabric.

          Appendix: model: WMF1344B, WMF2688B, WMF3584B, WMF6144B

          Maximum opening frequency: 500 times/min

          Needle selection: drive plate + solenoid valve + steel plate + knife

          Opening form: full clear up and down opening

          Opening height: front opening 44-91mm, rear opening 61-113mm, adjustable

          Note: other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements


          Hangzhou wumu technology co. LTD

          This article is excerpted from China spinning machine network

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